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Dangal Total Collection: 13th Day, 13 Days Box Office Collection

Dangal box office collections: 13th day, 13 days total box office collection report. Dangal is a sincere and well-made venture starring aamir and sakshi. kudos to director nitesh tiwari for extracting excellent performances from everyone, including new comers. but the main point to be highlighted here is how a father manages to enforce his dreams and aspirations on his two young daughters, even going to the extent of torturing them, just to achieve what he couldn’t. he is determined to achieve his goal against all odds, also defying social norms. how many modern parents would do this today? and how many modern kids would support their parents unconditionally? also, the entire credit for the girls’ success goes to the father alone, the official coach is shown making derogatory remarks and misleading his students. is this the real truth or have the film makers twisted facts to add some spice? Check box office collections of the movie here below.

Dangal 13th day 13 days total box office collection
Dangal 13th day 13 days total box office collection

Dangal Total Collection: 13th Day, 13 Days Box Office Collection

The movie is truly beyond all praises and appreciations. Its one of the best films ever made in world cinema. From the start to the end its an perfect example of sheer brilliance and classic film making. The credit goes to each and every cast and crew of the film for adorning Indian Cinema with such a gem that will be remmembered and cherished for long time. Its is based on a true story which itself is quite inspirational and the cinematic ingredients has made the story absolutely immortal. The movie shows the amount of dedication and self sacrifice that goes into making a champion..what kind of hardships and pain one has to go through to finally emerge victorious.

Dangal crosses 300+ crore club in just 13 days at the box office. After surpassing the lifetime collection Sultan, Dangal will emerge the highest grosser of 2016 in Hindi films. Movie till 12 days collected 295.14 crores in India which is all time blockbuster and expected to cross 300+ crore on its 13 days. Dangal overseas collections ended up making 158.70 crores till now. Dangal will soon enter 500 crore club without any doubt.

My salute to the real Mahabir Singh Phogat and his daughters Geeta and Babita. They are the true face of women empowerment. Likewise I salute the legendary perfectionist Mr.Amir Khan for the amount of dedication he has put into this role..gaining so much weight and then loosing all of it and even attainig that muscular look just for a 2 scenes is simply incredible.His acting is brilliant to say the least. The on screen daughters (both old amd young ones)have blown us away with their acting and wrestling. Every wrestling match gives us goosebumps and make us shout for Geeta even louder than before. In the end when all the audience stood up for the national anthem,it was also like saluting this great film at the same time. Dangal is breaking all the records at the box office and it deserves to be at the top.

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