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Dangal 11th Day, 11 Days Box Office Collection {Blockbuster Hit}

Dangal total worldwide box office collections/ Earnings till today: check out 11th day collections of Dangal movie, 11 days total box office collection report of Dangal – Aamir Khan. Movie Dangal is showing tremendous growth day by day in terms of collections. It is receiving fabulous response even today after with 11 days theatre release till today. Total box office collections of Dangal both in domestic regions and overseas areas are record breaking. Have a look at day wise collections made by the film in India and also the total earnings of the movie internationally. Movie shows great reports in overseas regions like USA, UK, Australia, UAE. Still some centres are yet to report.

Hit movie Dangal 11th day 11 days total collections
Hit movie Dangal 11th day 11 days total collections

Dangal 11th Day, 11 Days Box Office Collection

The film is of course important in ter ms of bringing wrestling and unsung wrestlers to the limelight, empowering rural girls of Haryana, implanting a very strong father-daughter relationship, and in a lot of other ways. However, to me, the most important aspect of this film is the parental guidance and the upbringing of girl-child as shown through Aamir Khan’s relationship with his daughters.

That showing love for your daughter is not about pampering her, that being a caring father is not about being ornamentally sensitive towards her superficial obsessions, is the most important realization that this film could bring forth. Aamir’s character doesn’t give a damn to the ‘likes and obsessions’ of his daughters as he ordered to cut off their hair in spite of them crying and pleading, since the hair appeared as a distraction and he wanted to get rid of anything that would distract his daughters from their primary goal. It shows you, yet again, that the apparent ‘cruelty’ is often the best guidance. Check the collection report here below.

Dangal Movie Collections Till Today (Domestic and Overseas)

Dangal First day (Friday) Earnings in India ended up making a huge amount  with Rs 29.78 crore, Dangal Second day (Saturday), being holiday and weekend the Earnings in India shows a number at 34.82 crore, Dangal Third day (Sunday) the Earnings shows a rapid growth in India and the number stood at 42.41 crore, Dangal Fourth day (Monday) Earnings were 25.69 crore and Fifth day box office collection (Tuesday) 23.09 crore. Movie Sixth day box office earnings that is on Wednesday shows as 21.46 crore, Seventh day collections (Thursday) 20.29 crore. There fore, Total Box Office Collections of Dangal First Week were Rs 197.53 crore.

Dangal 8th Day Collection in India shows steady number at 18.59 crore and 9th Day Earnings in India shows little growth when compared to day 8 collections and shows the number at 22.72 crore. Dangal 10th Day Earnings in India stood at cross 31.27 crore, the reason behind the collection growth on day 10  – there are few genuine reasons behind the collections, first one would be the new year obviously and the second reason is certainly the movie which is making audience to walk to the theatres. Hence, Dangal will make sure that it is runs successfully in 2017 too with record collections. Critics and movie analysts says that movie is still having a strong grip and can make great collections in coming days too.

Dangal shows great box office report in overseas too. It made 131.02 crores till 31 December and still some centers have to report. Dangal is a must watch film in the recent times and can be known through the blockbuster collections. Feel free to share your comments on the movie if you have watched it in theatres. Stay tuned for more updates regarding box office collection reports of latest Bollywood movies here at Review Rating website.

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